'; Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Robust competition drives commerce and innovation. But, often accompanying the desire for advantage in the marketplace is conduct that crosses the line from aggressive business practices to wrongful acts. When those with competing interests misappropriate proprietary business information or engage in acts that unfairly alter the playing field, Leydig stands ready to take swift and decisive action to protect our clients’ interests and hold others responsible for their misconduct.

The attorneys in Leydig’s trade secrets and unfair competition practice recognize the urgency of countering the imminent or recent misuse or dissemination of confidential trade secret information. Similarly, each day a competitor engages in unfair business practices is a day that costs a company profits, relationships, and – potentially – its reputation.

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Neutralizing these threats requires an aggressive yet thoughtful approach. Our attorneys have the in-depth technical knowledge to promptly identify breaches of trade secrets, while our litigators have the skill and vision to effectively protect information when it falls into the wrong hands. When unfair competitive practices come to a client’s attention, we have the agility to stop these acts from causing further damage. Conversely, when our clients face trade secret or unfair competition claims, our attorneys can help them develop and implement effective defensive strategies.

Leydig’s global reach and diversity of experience allow us to address these threats no matter what they involve or where they arise. We also know that proactive, defensive action to protect proprietary information from external threats can both prevent their disclosure and be instrumental in subsequent trade secret litigation. We offer clients counsel that can strengthen their security protocols and craft non-disclosure, non-competition, and other agreements that minimize risk and maximize remedial options.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

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