'; Post-Grant Proceedings Before the USPTO

Post-Grant Proceedings Before the USPTO

The passage and implementation of the America Invents Act (AIA) represented a sea change in how patents are examined, reviewed, protected, and challenged. Navigating the unsettled waters of administrative post-grant proceedings under the AIA without the guidance of experienced and agile counsel can be a perilous and costly endeavor. At Leydig, we merge over a century of patent litigation success with forward-looking and innovative approaches that help our clients protect their rights and preserve the value of their innovations within this new and evolving framework.

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The attorneys in Leydig’s post-grant proceedings practice have extensive experience with claim construction proceedings, discovery and trial practice, patent prosecution, and counseling, all of which combine to enhance our clients’ post-grant positioning and strategies. Our lawyers come from diverse backgrounds and have in-depth technical knowledge in a broad range of industries and technologies and are seasoned practitioners before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, federal courts, and corresponding European and international forums.

Leydig represents clients in post-grant proceedings, including:

  • Inter partes review proceedings
  • Post-grant reviews
  • Covered business method patent reviews
  • Ex parte reexaminations
  • Supplemental examinations
  • Patent reissuance
  • Derivation proceedings
  • Interference proceedings
  • Appeals of post-grant proceedings to the Federal Circuit

Leydig’s post-grant proceeding attorneys provide patent owners and those who face infringement allegations with efficient, effective, and valuable representation that can be instrumental in helping them achieve their business goals.

Post-Grant Proceedings Before the USPTO

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