'; Internet and Telecommunications

Internet and Telecommunications

As a premier global intellectual property law firm, Leydig has extensive experience handling patent issues involving both analog and digital communications. We bring our considerable resources to patent prosecution, technology transfer, and litigation matters touching on every aspect of communications technology, including:

  • Digital signal processing
  • Modulation and coding techniques
  • Real-time media transmissions
  • Internet communications
  • Wireless networks
  • Satellite communications
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of Things (5G) wireless applications

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Our internet and telecommunications lawyers represent a wide range of industry players, including telecommunications service providers, wireless carriers, broadcasters, broadband providers, and large corporate, institutional, and educational consumers of telecommunications services. Using a cross-disciplinary approach that leverages the diverse technical backgrounds and legal experience of our attorneys, we counsel internet, telecom, and media clients domestically and internationally.

Leydig stands at the forefront of advancements and changes in the way the world communicates and shares information, helping clients adapt, keeping risks at bay, and positioning them for sustained success.

Internet and Telecommunications

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