'; Freedom-to-Operate, Non-Infringement, and Invalidity Opinions

Freedom-to-Operate, Non-Infringement, and Invalidity Opinions

Companies take many steps and make countless decisions while developing products. The choices they make and the work they do during this critical time can determine whether an innovation becomes a profitable game-changer or a costly dead end. Timely and comprehensive patent opinions are indispensable for properly assessing liability risk during this process.

At Leydig, we provide the legal and technical insights companies need to make informed business decisions. We also arm our clients with information that can protect them from unseen threats and lay the foundation for sustained success.

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Leydig’s patent attorneys and agents have technical backgrounds that encompass many scientific disciplines and the legal knowledge to leverage that experience in preparing patent opinions. Our meticulous research and thorough due diligence enable clients to steer the product development process and develop patent strategies best suited for their business objectives.

Whether a company is developing a novel product or becomes aware of potential infringement liability of an already existing product, Leydig has the expertise and judgement to provide a clear assessment of the nature and contours of potential liability risk to enable our clients to navigate around it.

The opinions we offer include:

  • Patentability opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate opinions
  • Non-infringement/invalidity opinions
  • Pre-litigation evaluations

The depth of our patent experience and the quality and reliability of the patent opinions we prepare are two of the many reasons clients have relied on Leydig’s counsel for well over a century. It is why companies around the globe continue to place their trust in our patent attorneys. They provide essential guidance for clients’ product development efforts and protect their valuable innovations before and after they reach the market.

Freedom-to-Operate, Non-Infringement, and Invalidity Opinions

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