'; IP Due Diligence and Transactions

IP Due Diligence and Transactions

Whether central or peripheral to a transaction, intellectual property assets present revenue generation and growth opportunities for purchasers, licensees, and companies seeking to merge with or acquire the owner of those assets. But a profitable arrangement can devolve into an expensive and troublesome misstep if vulnerabilities or problems are not quickly identified.

At Leydig, we know how much is at stake when companies consider intellectual property transactions. Our clients count on our experience, judgment, and thoroughness to provide them with the confidence to consummate a deal or steer them clear of potential complications.

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The attorneys in Leydig’s intellectual property due diligence and transactions practice area have a diversity of backgrounds, training, and knowledge that allows us to provide sound counsel no matter the size of the transaction or the nature and scope of the assets in play.

Our due diligence investigations arm our clients with the information they need about the strength of a portfolio, the level of infringement risk, and rights and liabilities arising out of any existing agreements. We tailor our due diligence strategies to the client’s business objectives so that the results balance an astute attention to detail with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We also work closely with our clients to negotiate, structure, and draft intellectual property transaction agreements or provide counsel on mergers and acquisitions involving the transfer of IP assets. Leydig’s intellectual property transactional representation includes:

  • Technology transfer agreements
  • IP due diligence investigations
  • IP support for mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property acquisitions and divestments
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures involving IP assets

IP Due Diligence and Transactions

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