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Protecting proprietary data and confidential consumer information from ongoing and evolving security threats is a non-negotiable cost of doing business. The losses in revenue and reputation after a successful cyberattack can devastate a business. The potential losses can worsen if a company does not take the necessary steps to protect the privacy of that data before a breach and/or satisfy its disclosure and notification obligations after a breach.

At Leydig, our cybersecurity attorneys help businesses understand and meet the legal requirements that govern collecting, using, and maintaining collections of personal and proprietary data. If a breach occurs, we collaborate with appropriate technical experts to provide legal counsel, addressing the breach and the actions required to minimize the scope of the breach and the potential liabilities.

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We provide advice on cybersecurity matters, including advice regarding legal obligations involving:

  • Breach containment, data preservation, and other immediate remedial actions in response to a data breach
  • Data privacy practices
  • Incident response plans
  • Investigations to determine the cause of the breach and identify the extent of compromised data
  • Identification of and interaction with appropriate law enforcement, regulatory, and other government officials
  • Notifications for consumers, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement, as required, and responses to any investigations or actions that arise from a data breach

Your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Leydig is here to ensure you understand your legal obligations, protect you from cyber threats, and minimize the legal costs/liabilities in the event of a data breach.


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