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Chemical Technologies

The chemical technologies continue to expand in a growing landscape of scientific disciplines, which are distinct, yet interconnected. Intellectual property in the chemical sector is evolving in a way that reflects those changes. The professionals in Leydig’s chemical technologies practice possess the diversity of knowledge, education, and experience in all aspects of patent law and science to provide representation of the caliber that clients expect in an increasingly challenging and complex field.

The attorneys, patent agents, and scientific advisers at Leydig possess a combination of legal and science backgrounds of sophistication rarely seen in the legal profession, and are masters in the art of integrating those backgrounds to provide exceptional service. Leydig’s interdisciplinary approach is reflective of the legal and technological advances being made in the chemical sector. Our team includes chemists and chemical engineers, many of whom have advanced degrees and substantial experience in industry and academia involving biological, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, materials science, and novel applications of these disciplines.

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The professionals in our chemical technologies practice serve as patent counsel for clients across the entire spectrum of the chemical industry, including pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, composites, catalysts, polymers, cosmetics, agriculture, material science, coatings, ceramics, green chemistry, and food chemistry. From new molecules and compositions of matter to advances in process chemistry, Leydig can provide the legal representation needed to protect the substantial investments our clients make in the chemical industry.

Our services in the chemical space include providing legal opinions concerning freedom-to-operate (infringement clearance), patent validity, and patent enforceability; handling intellectual property due diligence investigations, such as those associated with technology and company acquisitions, financing, and the like; consulting on license agreements; preparing patent landscape reports; structuring and managing patent portfolios; and drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

We also routinely represent clients in adversarial proceedings, including litigation in the U.S. courts, and in inter partes reviews, reissues, post-grant reviews, and derivation proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, we represent clients in enforcement and invalidity proceedings before non-U.S. tribunals in cooperation with our numerous international colleagues.

Chemical Technologies

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