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The manner in which information is stored and accessed has evolved and so must an organization’s measures to: (1) secure valuable enterprise information, and (2) protect an enterprise from undue liability in the event of an information security breach.

Secure Valuable Enterprise Information

Decades ago, valuable enterprise information was stored almost exclusively within paper files. Today, the same information is stored almost exclusively on electronic memory media of computer servers and other devices. The storage of information in electronic format raises a host of technological and legal issues regarding protection of the information from unauthorized access and theft, including how best to prevent security breaches and economic harm to the enterprise arising from security breaches.

Proactive Measures: Before a Data Breach Occurs

By developing and carrying out a strategy for the protection of enterprise information (including, for example, obtaining a cybersecurity risk assessment performed by a third party), an organization can implement an important step toward protecting valuable enterprise information.

However, it is also important to implement legal strategies to protect an enterprise from liability and ensuring rights to remedies in the event of unauthorized access, theft, or destruction of valuable enterprise information. Establishing well-defined trusted relationships between an organization and the providers and the users of information ensures that an organization’s reasonable protective measures insulate the organization from liability and preserve remedies against wrongful parties in the event that a data breach occurs.

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