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Standing at the intersection of science, law, and business, the attorneys and patent agents in Leydig’s biotechnology practice help clients shepherd their innovations from the laboratory to the market. For startups, multinational corporations, universities, and private research facilities around the globe, we facilitate the development and protection of industry-changing innovations.

Leydig’s attorneys possess an impressive combination of legal and technological backgrounds. The professionals in our biotechnology group have advanced degrees in disciplines central to biotechnology development, including biochemistry, cellular biology, microbiology, and molecular biology. By understanding the foundational science behind the work of our clients, we can achieve their objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our professionals skillfully combine their technical experience with legal acumen to provide exceptional service in all aspects of patent law, including prosecution, litigation, opinion, due diligence, and transactions, providing biotechnology clients with comprehensive and trusted counsel.

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Leydig’s biotechnology attorneys and patent agents keep informed of the field’s advancements in medicine, agriculture, horticulture, veterinary products, food processing, and green technology. We have particular expertise with the patenting of nucleic acid sequences, proteins, antibodies, cell lines, vectors, and vaccines, as well as their applications, ranging from diagnostic assays to treatment methods and industrial processes.

Our services in the biotechnology space include providing legal opinions concerning freedom-to-operate (infringement clearance), patent validity, and patent enforceability; handling intellectual property due diligence investigations, such as those associated with technology and company acquisitions, financing, and the like; consulting on license agreements; preparing patent landscape reports; structuring and managing patent portfolios; and drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

We also routinely represent clients in adversarial proceedings, including litigation in the U.S. courts, and in inter partes reviews, reissues, post-grant reviews, and derivation proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, we represent clients in enforcement and invalidity proceedings before non-U.S. tribunals in cooperation with our numerous international colleagues.


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