'; Trust in Leydig’s comprehensive services and capabilities fuels client’s successes

Trust in Leydig’s comprehensive services and capabilities fuels client’s successes

The ongoing success of a local entrepreneur's diverse business endeavors is a testament to his innovation, vision, and hard work. Leydig’s role in facilitating that success is a testament to its comprehensive, multidisciplinary representation, its deep understanding of the client’s business model and technology offerings, and the benefits afforded by a long-term relationship.

Gerald Zoldan helped establish Morrisey Associates, an innovator in the development of physician credentialing and privileging software and systems. Credentialing is the process by which hospitals evaluate and verify the qualifications of their health care providers, while privileging involves assessing a physician’s competencies in a specific area of patient care.

Morrisey, which has since been acquired by a larger corporation, developed the game-changing MSO™ software. The software streamlined credentialing and privileging by eliminating paper-based, manual administrative tasks and automating online applications, primary source verifications, contract and network management, credentialing packet reviews, and peer reviews.

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High demand for MSO fueled Morrisey’s rapid growth, and the company began developing a web-based version of MSO™, called MSOW®. Impressed with Leydig’s extensive licensing, patent and trademark experience, as well as its responsiveness and agility, Zoldan and Morrisey retained the firm to handle Morrisey’s expanding legal needs.

Leydig drafted, negotiated, and customized scores of licensing agreements for MSO™. The firm worked seamlessly with Morrisey to tailor agreements that were attractive to licensees while still providing the company with robust protection from liability and risk. Through these efforts, Morrissey never once lost a deal.

The firm also provided counsel that facilitated protections for the development, testing, commercialization and licensing of software as a service for MSOW®. Additional innovations and offerings followed, as did Leydig’s representation, laying the foundation for a potentially lucrative sale of the company.

A competitor jeopardized that foundation when it sued Morrisey for patent infringement related to MSOW®. With a focus on the client’s acquisition objectives, Leydig’s patent litigators implemented an effective strategy that resolved the case favorably for Morrisey, clearing the way for the company’s purchase. Leydig played a central role in that transaction, performing IP and licensing due diligence that facilitated its efficient consummation.

Since then, Zoldan has continued his entrepreneurial journey into new fields and new technologies, with Leydig by his side. Zoldan says that Leydig continues to play an indispensable role in his efforts.

“My trust in Leydig’s capabilities is unshakable,” Zoldan says. “Time and again, they’ve proved themselves, no matter what I’ve asked them to do. To be able to turn to them without hesitation and know that they will be on top of it, whether for technology development, transactions, litigation or general IP counsel, provides incalculable value.”