What is the salary for 2024 summer associates?
1L Summer Associate: $4,000/week
2L Summer Associate: $4,000/week

How long is your summer program?
Approximately 8-10 weeks

How many summer associates do you anticipate for the summer of 2024?
Approximately 2-3 summer associates

What is the starting base salary for first-year associates?
$190,000 based upon office location

What is the bonus structure?
Associates earn a bonus that is equal to (1/3 of billed dollars) minus salary.

Is there a billable hour requirement?
The firm has an expectation that associates will post 1800 billable hours on an annual basis.

What is the track to becoming a shareholder?
7-10 years, usually beginning with a non-equity stage.

What is the review structure?
Annual performance-based reviews are conducted by our Professional Development Committee, but daily project-by-project feedback provides the most significant review and training.

Does Leydig offer formal training?
Mentoring, new associate training, and monthly Continuing Legal Education luncheons are available.