Leydig, Voit & Mayer, LTD. Intellectual Property Law



Throughout its rich history, Leydig has been at the forefront of IP litigation, as that practice has changed in the US and around the world. That tradition continues to this day.


We understand that litigation is partly about strategy.  Perhaps the most important strategic consideration is whether to litigate at all.  Our clients trust our experience and reasoned opinions when faced with this often difficult decision, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients in exploring all available options, and in assessing their potential risks, costs, and benefits. 

Once litigation is contemplated, Leydig works closely with our clients to develop a strategic plan tailored for each client’s needs.  We explore the merits and risks of claims and defenses, discovery strategy, motions practice, trial preparation, briefing, and trial with our clients. 

Intellectual property litigation often is but one part of our clients’ larger strategic goals.  For example, patent, trade secret, trademark, or copyright litigation in the United States may be related to similar issues and actions in other countries or other litigation or administrative proceedings pending in other US jurisdictions.  We understand that our clients’ goals and interests may extend beyond the issues presented in a single contested action, and we are comfortable structuring litigation to further such broader strategic concerns.  We also have experience coordinating litigation in foreign countries, to ensure our clients’ global interests are best served.


Leydig, Voit & Mayer's distinguished courtroom performance derives from our knowledgeable and experienced personnel.  We do not restrict our lawyers’ practice areas as being only “prosecutors,” “litigators,” and the like, which ensures that our lawyers can bring maximal legal perspective and experience to our clients’ litigation matters.  At Leydig, the same lawyers who have the technical competence to prosecute patents and trademarks and to counsel on licensing and other transactional matters also have the courtroom acumen required to handle and excel at related intellectual property litigation. 

Particularly for patent and trade secret litigation, winning requires that the lawyers not only understand technical and scientific nuances relating to patented or trade secret technology, they must also be able to present these matters in simple and understandable terms while still mastering the technology.  Mastering the technology permits Leydig to effectively confront the technological positions offered by opposing parties and their experts.  Leydig's winning strategy leverages the considerable breadth and depth of technical knowledge among our lawyers and agents, who hold advanced degrees in fields such as biotechnology, chemistry, computer engineering, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, and medicine.  Our wealth of legal and technical experience ensures that the unique litigation needs of each client are effectively and efficiently met.


While all litigation has its risks and costs, our philosophy is to control the cost of intellectual property litigation for our clients without compromising our dedication and aggressive representation.  We do not overstaff our litigation teams, nor do we overpopulate depositions, motion calls, and trials with unnecessary personnel. 

Leydig's approach is to assemble a trial team that leverages the legal and technical skills of each lawyer for efficient litigation success on behalf of our clients.